Why We Created Pure Midwest

As a son you want to make sure your parents are taken care of, healthy, happy and have the best quality of life that they can. As a lot of you know…my father, a pancreatic cancer survivor by having the Whipple procedure 10 years ago (I’m told it’s the most invasive core body procedure) had been losing a lot of weight, losing color in his … Continue reading Why We Created Pure Midwest

Is CBD The Miracle Cure Many Believe It To Be?

The FDA hasn’t gotten behind CBD yet, but companies like Pure Midwest (who own their entire production process and create top quality) really want the FDA to come in. This article states “most CBD companies are mislabeling their products and selling low quality ones. This makes buying CBD from reliable sellers very challenging.” Continue reading Is CBD The Miracle Cure Many Believe It To Be?

MLM’s in CBD

I completely understand why a company would setup an MLM. However, I don’t understand why people keep on joining them. From minimum purchase volumes to sign up fees to inventory to tier systems to 18 page commission manuals. It seems that most of the time with an MLM, they are structured so it’s incredibly difficult for the average person to make money… but they do … Continue reading MLM’s in CBD