Could Cannabis Beat Big Pharma To An Alzheimer’s Cure? Here’s What The Research Says

Recent studies on mice have proven that both CBD and a combination of CBD and THC can help and target the key issue in the brain that causes dementia and AD – a buildup of amyloid-ß (Aß) plaques. The research shows that CBD reduces the plaques’ ability to create inflammation, which in turn limits its toxic effects on our brain cells. Some studies even suggest that CBD can also reduce these concentrations of Aß plague over time.

CBG Distillate Explained: What It Is, What It’s For, and How It’s Made

When it comes to medicinal cannabis products, the best way to get potency, accurate dosing, and purity is with distilled products.
If you’re trying to manufacture a product with a very specific amount of any cannabinoid in it like medication that would require accuracy down to the milligram, cosmetics, supplements, and the like, you will need a product that’s as pure as possible. Enter cannabis distillate.

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