Curaleaf Publicly Settles a Lawsuit Over THC-Laced CBD Drops

CBD News Aggregator – One of 13 people who have sued Curaleaf over its THC-laced CBD drops has publicly settled with the Massachusetts-based cannabis company.

Ayuba Agbonkhese, 45, agreed to the company’s $50,000 settlement offer on Wednesday. Curaleaf has settled 10 of the 13 cases, but this is the first settlement where terms were publicly announced.

Agbonkhese, who lives in Idaho, allegedly fell ill after taking the drops he bought in Oregon in September and ended up in an emergency room, where he “experienced harm, including the belief he was going to die, shaking, racing heart, psychosis, discomfort, and distress, and interference with life activities,” the federal complaint, which was filed in Oregon District Court, reads.

One thought on “Curaleaf Publicly Settles a Lawsuit Over THC-Laced CBD Drops

  1. Hemp users can rejoice, as this compound is entirely federally legal. This product does not appear as THC in any sort of drug test. A cannabinoid that acts like THC’s quieter little brother, not known to cause anxiety or panic attacks the way that THC can in some people and legal to possess and use!

    This is due to its presence in standard hemp flower in lower percentages which are often imperceptible and merely add to the entourage effect. Thanks to the 2018 Federal Farm Bill, any cannabinoid found in THC-free hemp is legal to cultivate and use.

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