Study Suggests Cannabidiol Can Treat High Cases of Brain Cancer

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One of the components of hemp, or cannabidiol (CBD)An American study reports that when inhaled, it can be effective in treating glioblastoma, a very common cancer of the brain.

Animal research found that CBD reduces tumor growth It also altered the dynamics of the tumor microenvironment, helping to fight disease.

Conducted by researchers at Augusta University in the United States, the investigation involved the use of modified glioblastoma cells in mice. From there, there was Application of the Convention on Biological Diversity Inhaled into animals for seven days. The research also had a placebo group to compare results.

“We saw a significant reduction in tumor size, and its microenvironment was different,” Babak Baban, an immunologist and associate dean of research at Augusta University College of Dentistry in Georgia, told the university’s Communications Service.

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