6 Best CBD Tinctures for Migraine

Our take… just try Pure Midwest… but here’s the article…

CBD News Blog – If you have migraines, you’ve likely tried all sorts of treatments to get relief. Amid medications and lifestyle changes, perhaps you’ve considered trying CBD tinctures for headache pain.

In the strictest sense of the word, a tincture is an extract of a substance (typically a plant) dissolved in a type of alcohol called ethanol. Tinctures of medicinal herbs—including Cannabis sativa—have been a staple remedy for centuries, maybe even millennia.

What’s a CBD tincture?

This old-timey word for an old-fashioned kind of medicine has evolved to mean, at least in the world of cannabidiol or CBD, any product containing hemp extract that can be taken sublingually, or under the tongue. Products called tinctures these days may have been extracted from the hemp plant using various methods, such as the high-tech process of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction, or ethanol derived from organic sugar cane. (Here’s what experts want you to know about what hemp is.)


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