CBD Worked Better Than Antidepressants to Calm My Dog’s Anxiety

CBD News Blog – It’s not a miracle cure for a dog’s anxiety, but it sure feels like it sometimes.

We’ve been using CBD for our dogs, on and off, for about three years. There’s Axel, who just turned six, and Otter, who’s about to turn four. Axel’s the reason we decided to try CBD (cannabidiol). We adopted him when he was about a year old. For the first two or three months, everything was fine, but when he started jumping up on the table and snitching food, we decided to get a dog trainer…which ended up revealing more problems.

The first incident happened when the trainer walked into our apartment without knocking—Axel went at him without warning. He jumped up and actually bit the trainer. It wasn’t a bad bite or anything, but he ripped his jacket. At first, we were shocked because it had never happened before. He was always so sweet. We were sort of in denial, figuring it was an isolated event because the trainer had come into the house unannounced. We thought we could handle it. But as time went on, we realized it wasn’t an isolated incident. It happened more and more after that. He would nip, growl, and shake when he was around strangers. One time, a guy walked past us and Axel lunged at him. It became a lot harder to deal with than we’d initially anticipated, and it caused us a lot of anxiety and strain. Even though we understood that there are many reasons for anxiety in dogs, we actually had conversations about what our threshold would be—at what point would this be too dangerous? https://www.rd.com/article/cbd-for-dogs-anxiety/

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