This Is Why I Mix Yoga With CBD

CBD News Blog – What do you get when you combine yoga and CBD? In my experience, you get a state of calm and relaxation, increased flexibility, strength, and a decrease in stress and anxiety. 

I began practicing yoga nearly 20 years ago and was introduced to CBD about two years ago. I started taking CBD for the same reasons I practice yoga: to help me connect spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Some studies have shown that CBD may help to reduce anxiety, stress, inflammation, and pain. People are choosing to make this switch from over-the-counter medications to CBD edibles or tinctures.

When speaking with my yoga students, they tell me that the combination of yoga and CBD decreases stress, anxiety, inflammation, and pain. One client also mentions that she finds the link to both vital as she ages and finds her joints don’t ache upon walking when practicing yoga. When she takes CBD in the morning, it allows her to feel controlled and focused throughout the day.

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