Kristen Bell Shares Her Secret to Traveling With Kids and Keeping Her Wanderlust Alive During the Pandemic

CBD News Blog – I don’t fangirl over many celebrities, but I had to do some deep breathing exercises before logging into my Zoom call with actress, activist, entrepreneur, and mom Kristen Bell. As I had hoped, she was every bit as optimistic, bubbly, and funny as I imagined her to be from her many leading roles in The Good Place, the Frozen series, and of course, Veronica Mars. Although, like the rest of us, she’s been grounded from her former jet-setting routine due to the pandemic, she’s kept busy and recently released a new line of CBD skincare products, Happy Dance. We chatted from our respective homes in chilly Boston and sunny Los Angeles to discuss how she’s explored locally while being quarantined, her top tips and tricks for traveling with kids, the importance of travel buddies, and more.

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