New Philly label makes sweet, fruity and CBD-infused wine

CBD News Aggregator – Glitter-filled wines are coming to Philadelphia from two young entrepreneurs on a mission to create cute, sweet, delicious vintages people can pick up without shame.

Paige Hughes, 26, and Aliesha Clark, 28, are launching Forgiven Wine this this Saturday at an outdoor picnic event along Kelly Drive. Folks who registered will be able to taste the label’s first offerings, a shimmering sweet rosé blend and a CBD-infused red.

Neither woman has sommelier or vintner backgrounds, and that’s the point. Forgiven Wine aims to be an approachable option for people who want a sweet wine to pair with desserts and are tired of being misled by flashy packaging.

“Going into a store and finding a really cute, girly bottle that was sweet was really hard,” Hughes said, explaining that she and Clark were often disappointed with their picks.

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