Large Price Disparities and No Relationship Between Premium Pricing and Quality Manufacturing Across CBD Products

CBD News Aggregator – CBD Validator, an independent industry resource that owns the largest database of rated CBD oil products on the market today, shares its latest report, Large Pricing Variation Between Equivalent CBD Products Fuels Consumer Confusion. This report analyzes more than 2,000 CBD oils, a 39% increase in product coverage from the first retail pricing report published earlier this year, with both reports concluding the continued wide price differences among similar CBD products, creating more consumer mistrust and confusion within this rapidly growing industry.

“Our mission is to create transparency for consumers, and the research and data we have focuses on one of the most significant factors that impacts the CBD industry,” notes Dr. Robert Portman, CEO of CBD Validator. “Our initial report discovered huge price gaps among similar products, and now with this second report, it seems that even more products are continuing the inconsistency.”

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