CBD Oil and Sex: Does It Help Boost Your Libido?

CBD News Aggregator – Experts say balanced hormones, increased blood flow, pain relief, and lower stress levels are the things that can significantly improve your life in the bedroom.

Coincidence or not, CBD can provide all of the above.

CBD oil is a great product, and while some formats may be over the top — think IKEA CBD-infused meatballs — traditional hemp extracts bring real value for a person’s well-being.

Maybe you even have some CBD oil in your medicine cabinet as you’re reading this article.

Chances are you’ve also seen a rise in different CBD topicals, including lubricants, creams, and gels designed towards boosting your sexual wellness.

But although anecdotal evidence is piling up like crazy, do we have any science-backed evidence to support the claims of 68% of people from Remedy Review, who claimed CBD improved their sex life?

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