CBD for pets has gotten more popular, though vets urge caution

CBD News Aggregator – The increase in amateur fireworks earlier this summer rattled a lot of nerves, and not just human ones. In Washington’s Kingman Park neighborhood, where fireworks became a nightly occurrence in May and June, a Labrador-hound mix named Nefertiti made herself a new home in the tiny space between the couch and the wall. Or, sometimes, the closet.

“She would be shaking and cowering and eventually hiding so we couldn’t find her,” said her owner, Sarah Wilson. “It just got worse and worse.”

A veterinarian prescribed a medication that seemed to temporarily paralyze Nefertiti, which frightened Wilson.

“I used to suffer from anxiety myself. And I thought if all this is doing is paralyzing her reaction, and not dealing with the mental part, that’s going to be even more scary, right?” Wilson said. She couldn’t bear to see her dog suffer, so she turned to her family for advice. One relative asked the question that changed the trajectory of Nefertiti’s summer: “He was like, ‘Have you tried CBD oil?’”


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