Blake Shelton CBD Oil Endorsement Scam Controversy Arises

CBD News Aggregator – Country superstar Blake Shelton has appeared in CBD headlines in recent months – but not for reasons you might expect.

According to a typical online scam, Blake Shelton endorses CBD products like Green CBD Oil. In reality, Blake Shelton is not publicly connected to any CBD company or brand. And do not be surprised, this has happened to many celebrities and public figures, including Dr. Oz, Tom Hanks and Clint Eastwood.

The scam appears in different forms. And while there are dozens and dozens of celebrities who use CBD oil, there are many who get used in deceptive marketing schemes and tactics in attempt to lure unsuspecting consumers into making a purchase because of their favorite public personality “endorsing” it.

In one version of the scam, Shelton purportedly sat down for an “emotional” interview where he revealed, “big pharma” is attacking his “latest business venture,” a CBD company called Green CBD Oil. But do not fall for any product as these hemp-based cannabidiol-infused tinctures can come in many website names and brands.

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