Do You Have COVID Psychological Stress? Here’s How CBD Can Help

CBD News Aggregator – Since exploding across the planet earlier this year, many arguments could easily be made that COVID-19 has caused a definite uptick in stress, anxiety, and incidents of depression. One of the greatest unknowns of COVID-19 is a full sense of the interaction of the virus with other physical and psychological conditions as stress and depression interlace at many points.

Many people do not realize the interlocking connections between physical and mental health.  It’s not just the long hours of quarantine, but the subtle way(s) in which COVID-19 combines with other pre-existing conditions to weaken patients’ psyche and energy. 

Understanding stress in a pandemic

Stress can disrupt “business as usual” in our brains. Recent studies have clarified how stress saps our ability to plan and how stress changes the way certain brain cells operate. Previous studies have shown that at times of great distress and upheaval, our brains can shut down, effectively not processing everything in front of us. 

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