CBD News Aggregator – All of us experience stress in our lives under specific circumstances. Whether it is making a sales presentation, worrying about bills, getting stuck in traffic, going on a first date, or preparing for an exam, dealing with stress is just a part of our normal life.  The American Psychological Association refers to stress as a normal reaction to certain conditions and life events. 

In spite of being a natural reaction of the body, stress is undoubtedly a negative force that can seriously affect our personal as well as professional lives. Experiencing stress on a regular basis may lead to headaches, fatigue, muscle tension, stomach aches, heart problems, and even death.  However, fortunately, there are several things we can do to de-stress ourselves. Mentioned below are some proven alternatives to get rid of stress instead of allowing it to get the better of you. 

Identification of Stress Triggers: First of all, you will have to figure out the factors that make you stressed and how you tend to react to them. You can only start looking for solutions when you are aware of the root of the problem. You may not be able to eliminate all stress triggers, but some of them can surely be managed or removed. 

Exercising: Experts suggest that regular workout is one of the best ways to manage stress. It is understandable that everyone may not have the motivation or time to commit to a serious workout regimen. However, try to squeeze out time for at least a ten-minute walk in the morning or while returning from work in the evening. These short walks are scientifically proven to boost endorphins, helping reduce stress factors in the body. 

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