The Benefits of CBD in Hair Care

CBD News Aggregator – Last year saw the rise of CBD skin care: Everything from body lotion to facial moisturizer became infused with the hemp extract to add calming and anti-inflammatory benefits. Now, the “it” ingredient is carving out space in the hair-care arena too. Here’s why.

How CBD Works in Hair Care
Our bodies house a complex endocannabinoid system that helps regulate the daily function of our skin and other organs. When applied topically, CBD—a nonpyschoactive cannabinoid from the cannabis plant—interacts with this system and receptor sites on the skin (CB1 and CB2), helping to reduce any inflammation and irritation.

“Recent studies have shown that CB1 and CB2 have endogenous ligands on both the scalp and the hair, which suggests that the scalp and the hair have their own endocannabinoid system,” New York dermatologist Matthew Lin, MD says. “By acting on these ligands, CBD can reduce inflammatory cytokines on the scalp, and potentially improve conditions like dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, and itchy, flaky scalp.”

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