You just bought some CBD lotion. What should you expect?

CBD News Aggregator – Cannabidiol (CBD) products are everywhere, from convenience stores to high-end retail shops. While there are many CBD converts out there, there are also people who use CBD topicals without knowing what the compound is and what effects it produces.

The CBD found in lotions and creams has much the same effect as it does when consumed orally. The compound has been used to treat pain and inflammation, making it a great addition to lotions and products that target pain, muscle soreness or just general skincare. One of the biggest draws for people is that CBD topicals are a very low-stakes way of getting to know a trendy compound without having to ingest it.

While it won’t provide stress- and anxiety-relieving properties, some scientific and anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD can treat inflamed skin and muscles, lending itself to pain management, relaxation and the treatment of skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

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