What I learned about CBD when I was diagnosed with COVID-19

CBD News Aggregator – A new notification pops up on the screen, and our eyes start to glaze over after we read “COVID-19.” With a quick flick of our pointer finger, it disappears into a void of information on a distant, invisible enemy that we fail to fear…until you or someone you know becomes a number in that rising toll. 

It hasn’t been very long since we first heard the word “coronavirus,” but in the short span of time since it first entered our lives, it has completely rocked our world and transformed daily life. At this point, it almost feels like we’ve become desensitized to it. Unless it’s something affecting you or your family, it’s pretty much become something we disregard. 

I think most of us are guilty of the same things, like wearing those unbearable masks right below our noses, so we don’t have to suffocate for any longer. So many of us take daily risks without even realizing it. We expose ourselves and others to potential danger without even a second thought. We continue to go out and continue to gather. We act unafraid because this enemy cannot be seen, and we fail to remember that any given person could have been infected. They could’ve touched the door you opened or stood behind you in the grocery store. 

The rules we break bring risks. 


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