Want to Use CBD Oil for Anxiety? Here’s What You Have to Know First

Anxiety relief is one of the main reasons why people become interested in CBD, and its anti-anxiety benefits have been well documented. There is, however, so much misinformation out there about CBD products, and it can be easy for someone to get tricked into buying CBD products that are of poor quality or inefficient.

Sadly, many manufacturers are aware of the recent craze and are using people’s ignorance about the product to get them to buy anything. This is why it’s not only important that you know how to buy CBD products and what to look for, but understand how they actually work. Here are a few things you have to know before you use CBD oil for anxiety.

Understand Dosage and Concentration

There is not one set dosage when it comes to CBD and anxiety, but if we look at studies, the minimal dosage that was used in most hovered around the 20mg mark, which would make this a great place to start. You can then increase or lower the dose incrementally depending on the effects.

The catch here is that some products will have wildly different concentrations, so one at 30ml can have much less CBD in it than a 10ml bottle. What makes things worse is that the total amount of CBD is what will be usually shown in big letters on the bottle, so it can be difficult to know how much CBD you’re getting per dose.

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