Hemp farm in Aiken sees need for CBD product during COVID-19 pandemic

CBD News Aggregator – New studies at Augusta University are showing CBD could provide relief for COVID-19 patients.

Now, an Aiken hemp farmer hopes her product will help as well.

CBD is made from a hemp plant, but before it gets placed in a bottle, it’s grown at Holland Hill Farm, LLC in Aiken.

Co-Founder of CBD store Upstate Alchemy, Sharon Peek, uses the hemp from Holland Hill Farm.

“It’s only been 80 years. 80 years ago this was on everybody’s shelves it was in everybody’s medicine cabinet,” says Peek.

Leaving a period of lost research, new studies on CBD relief couldn’t have come at a better time.

This is Holland Hill Farm owner, Ariel Ezekiel, second year in farming. She says when the hemp market crashed, she and her husband, Mark Ezekiel, an oncologist, knew they had to keep going. They were waiting for research to come out knowing the health benefits to hemp.

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