Mary Berry: Scammers used my image for CBD products

CBD News Aggregator – Mary Berry fights back tears on ‘Watchdog’ this evening (22.07.20), as she reveals CBD scammers use her image to sell products.

The 84-year-old culinary queen was left distressed after learning a company had used her image to endorse cannabis oil supplements and face creams without permission, leading fans to pay hundreds for the goods.

Asked what she knows about CBD oil, Mary tells ‘Watchdog’ host Matt Allwright: “I know nothing about it. It is nothing to do with me. And there’s nothing I can do.

“I had polio when I was a child and because I’ve got a bit of a wonky hand, they think it’s arthritis and perhaps this is the cure.”

Fans were lured to the products with ads on Facebook which saw edited photographs of Mary holding the them.

After learning of the fake images, Mary complained to Facebook and the photographs were soon taken down, but it was too late for some of her fans who had already paid up to £200.

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