Ex-Employee Lawsuit Claims Dan Bilzerian Funds Lavish Lifestyle Through CBD Company Fund

CBD News Aggregator – Dan Bilzerian is best known for being a professional poker player and living a lavish lifestyle he flaunts on his social media accounts. He’s been called the Instagram Playboy, in fact. At 39, Bilzerian has crafted a personal brand filled with all the things (and people) that he finds aesthetically pleasing. Essentially, visiting Bilzerian’s social media is like visiting a foreign planet where swarthy men party with young bikini-clad models on mega yachts and at lavish mansions with resort-style pools. Now, a new lawsuit alleges that Bilzerian doesn’t own his own home. In fact, he’s a renter – and while there is nothing wrong with that (most of the people who live in Los Angeles are renters by the way), it doesn’t exactly jive with the carefully curated image he’s built for himself over the past decade or so.

The lawsuit was filed by the former president of Bilzerian’s CBD company Ignite International, Ltd, Curtis Heffernan. The suit alleges that Bilzerian funded his lifestyle with company funds and fired Heffernan for refusing to approve his expense report. Among the things Bilzerian wanted his company to pay for are a $15,000 ping pong table, a $40,000 rock climbing wall, and a photoshoot in the Bahamas that cost $130,340. Heffernan also alleges that Bilzerian wanted him to misclassify a Paycheck Protection Program loan from the government as “miscellaneous income.” For what it’s worth, Ignite isn’t the most successful company as it is. The company lost $50 million in 2019 and analysts expect Ignite to cease operations in the near future.


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