How much do we know about marijuana’s medical capabilities after 163 years of claims? Just a little.

CBD News Aggregator – It’s not so much the claims made about the magic qualities of cannabinoids that prick up the ears — curing tuberculosis, anxiety, chronic pain, liver disease. Pretty standard hype in a world of consumers slathering themselves inside and out with anything labeled CBD or THC.

It’s the year.

The advertising hype about miraculous treatment of “general debility” and “nervous excitement” plaguing the populace came in 1857. 

Skip to the now, and the Food and Drug Administration is sending warning letters to cannabinoid marketers in Colorado and other states ordering them to cease claiming they can alleviate everything from autism to hepatitis to cancer and Tourette’s syndrome. 

It’s been 163 years — have we learned anything scientific about the medical properties of marijuana products?

A little.

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