CBD sales up amid the anxiety and stress of pandemic

CBD News Aggregator – Eddie Salzman couldn’t believe he had to close the doors of his Allentown CBD shop, Smooth Roots, back in March. “I did everything I can as a business owner to legally try to stay open,” he said.

While medical marijuana dispensaries were deemed essential, the state denied him a waiver. He couldn’t get an explanation why.

“We’re very similar to a dispensary, at the end of the day. We still have cannabis products,” Salzman said. The only assistance he was able to get was a PPP loan. “I applied for 4 grants from Pennsylvania. Locally and the State of Pennsylvania and those I also didn’t hear anything from,” Salzman said.

Thankfully for him, when his business opened back up in June it didn’t just come back, it grew. “I was expecting it to be a little bit more slower…but we’ve been doing pretty well these last couple weeks,” Salzman said. Not just here: CBD companies around the country say they’ve seen an up-tick.


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