How CBD Can Help Dogs With Osteoarthritis

CBD News Aggregator – Recent studies show it’s not just humans living longer than ever — our dogs are, too. The average life expectancy of dogs jumped from 10.5 years to 11.8 years between 2002 and 2016, partly because dogs are receiving better care from their humans.

But as dogs live longer, they become more susceptible to health problems. A common condition is osteoarthritis, which causes pain and inflammation in dogs. Your canine may have it if they struggle getting up and down stairs or generally moving around. Previous research has shown that 20% of North American dogs at least one-year old suffer from osteoarthritis, with older dogs being at higher risk.

A new study, however, found that CBD could provide relief for dogs who suffer from osteoarthritis. The research, published in the Journal of Immunology and done in partnership with hemp retailer Medterra, discovered that CBD lowered pain symptoms and increased mobility in dogs. These therapeutic effects lasted after the dogs stopped taking CBD as well.

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