Vantage Hemp Co. Announces Completion of its World-Class Extraction Facilities

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Greeley, Colorado, July 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vantage Hemp Co. announced today it has completed and commenced operations of its two state-of-the-art CBD-hemp extraction facilities in Greeley, Colorado. 

The GMP compliant manufacturing facilities will enable Vantage Hemp Co. to process up to a tonne of biomass using CO2 extraction and four tonnes of biomass per day using hydrocarbon extraction. The facilities support large scale winterization and high volume distillation to produce high-quality science-driven extracts, in-house testing capabilities and features production scale crystallization equipment to produce consistent CBD extracts.

“Our ability to deliver premium products based on customer requirements separates Vantage Hemp Co. in the marketplace,” says Harvinder Johal, Director of Vantage Hemp Co. “Our expert team specializing in medical, pharmaceutical, business operations, and extraction, in addition to our multi-stage deep science approach places us as a trusted partner for best-in-class extraction.”

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