3 Ways CBD Brands Can Build Consumer Trust

CBD may have had a slow start in the mainstream, but trust remains the entrepreneur’s best tool to reach those new consumers.

CBD as a category has trust issues. Lack of regulation, lack of transparency, and “snake oil” marketing may unfortunately set the CBD category up for a slow start with mainstream consumers. Trust is everything when it comes to wellbeing.

Here are three key avenues CBD companies and marketers can use in order to build trust with the consumer. 

1. Focus on transparency 

New brands in an emerging category must be hyper cognizant of this lack of trust among mainstream consumers. For this reason, my company Healist decided to commit to a content strategy focused on transparency and education. The content channels our team selected were the ones that spoke directly to consumers.

The goal is for the brand to be 100 percent consumer-centric. We desire to have a conversation with consumers at all times. This transparency and communication can come through whatever method works best for them, whether it be on social media, email, newsletter, or even by phone.


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