The Celebrity-Backed Opportunity to Invest in CBD & Beauty

For a new market, the CBD market’s growth into a multibillion-dollar industry is extraordinary. One major reason is the synergies CBD has with other sectors, both expected and unexpected.

When CBD started being paired with health and wellness products, it was an expected match that quickly proved profitable. However, when entrepreneurs started tapping into the $532 billion beauty and cosmetic industry, it caught many off-guard. As product reviews came in and celebrities jumped on the bandwagon, investors quickly realized it was a match made in heaven.

And the leader of that drive is Beauty Kitchen. Born from the extremely popular Beauty Kitchen YouTube series of do-it-yourself beauty recipes created by Heather Marianna, the company has quickly established itself as one of the most successful new brands of natural skincare and cosmetics products in the US.

Beauty Kitchen’s growth in popularity was part innovation and part effective marketing. The company’s products were quickly lauded by reviewers, especially the innovative CBD products, and Marianna’s popularity as a beauty expert saw her feature on numerous series and news segments across the US. Before long, Beauty Kitchen had massive celebrity followings and endorsements, which was leveraged into further growth.

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