Why We Created Pure Midwest

As a son you want to make sure your parents are taken care of, healthy, happy and have the best quality of life that they can. As a lot of you know…my father, a pancreatic cancer survivor by having the Whipple procedure 10 years ago (I’m told it’s the most invasive core body procedure) had been losing a lot of weight, losing color in his face and his energy levels were going down.

What I didn’t know is that he was also having such bad sciatic pain that he could barely walk. Doctors didn’t really have a cure other than giving meds to help with symptoms and hopeful pain management. My dad’s friends started telling him about CBD / Hemp Oil. After doing research on my own and seeing how bad of shape my dad was in I got him some to try. After using it for 3-4 days, his sciatic nerve pain was almost gone. After 5 days, I went to dinner with my parents and the color was back in his face and the skin under his eyes was pink and refreshed. At dinner, my dad ate his entire meal (something I haven’t seen him do in years). He generally looked years younger and was moving without pain. It wasn’t 100% gone, but a vast improvement. My mom saw how it effected my dad and immediately starting taking full spectrum hemp oil tinctures daily as well.  

This made me think that if hemp oil has the potential to help people like this and with my background in digital marketing / campaign strategy etc… I should see what I can do to help others.

A friend of mine heard about the change in my father’s health and how hemp oil played a roll.  He urged me to start Pure Midwest in order to provide exceptionally high quality products to other families like mine. We price our products in the bottom quarter of quality full spectrum products because we want to make it available to those who could benefit from it.  We have such belief in the quality of our products that not only do we urge folks to read the Certificate of Analysis but we also offer an empty bottle guarantee.  Try us out today and experience the Pure Midwest difference.

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