Pandemic Price Slashing Means CBD Bargains For Seniors

The Covid outbreak and its fallout on the cannabis and CBD markets are under intense scrutiny by industry observers. Commercial closures, rampant anxiety and focus on self-care are only some of the factors driving shifts in consumer behaviors. Particularly for the overcrowded CBD market, these changes have far-reaching implications.

With millions of jobless and the greatest recession in US history looming on the horizon, consumers are tightening their belts and looking for value in their self-care products. CBD companies are taking note and, with brick and mortar outlets shuttered, they are moving online with deals to attract the budget-conscious consumer. This spells good news for older adult CBD enthusiasts.

I emailed and spoke on the phone with Virginia Lee, CBD Research Manager at the Chicago-based Brightfield Group, about the CBD consumption patterns of Baby Boomers and elder adults, and how they are positioned to benefit from this new price-slashing trend.

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