Having trouble coping with social distancing?

Humans are inclined to be social creatures. We seek out others for companionship, interaction and relationships. We enjoy gathering in groups. Under ordinary circumstances, we don’t hesitate to shake hands with each other, put our arms around each other and even hug each other.

In the wake of Covid-19, social distancing is turning out to be one of 2020’s greatest challenges. To protect each other, we’re now encouraged to stay away from our friends, neighbours and acquaintances.

This isn’t just a medical crisis. For many people, it is also turning into an emotional crisis as they face the prospect of being isolated from people they want to interact with. Multiple psychologists have pointed out a very real probability that the current situation may contribute to feelings of stress and anxiety for significant numbers of people – even for people who are not particularly extroverted.

The usual recommendations for coping with stress are good ones:


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