PacRoots Announces Industrial CBD Hemp Joint Venture

On May 29, 2020, PacRoots entered into a binding letter of intent with a private British Columbia company (“BC Co.“) for the formation of the Rock Creek Farms joint venture, which will be owned 60% by Pac Roots and 40% by BC Co. PacRoots contribution to the joint venture will be an aggregate of $450,000 in capital, of which $100,000 was funded upon the execution of the letter of intent. BC Co. will contribute two commercial leases for over 100 acres of growing space, consulting services, cultivation equipment, agricultural infrastructure and intellectual property relating to commercial scale hemp operations and proprietary biomass storage techniques. Profits generated from the joint venture will be distributed first to PacRoots until its capital contributions have been repaid and thereafter in accordance with the interests in the joint venture held by the parties.

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