Japanese company claims to make CBD out of orange peels

When lawmakers enacted the 2018 Farm Bill, they accidentally created a loophole responsible for the CBD wellness mania seen in recent years. The law allowed manufacturers to use industrial hemp to produce CBD oil and other products, removing the possibility of THC from entering the system.

Japan’s Hiro International found another loophole: Instead of using hemp flower, it extracts CBD from orange peels. The company presented such a product at this year’s Cosme Tokyo cosmetics fair, according to Hanf Magazine. The orange peel-derived CBD oil is said to be 100 per cent THC-free and does not use any hemp or cannabis plants.

In recent years, CBD companies have landed in hot water for products containing trace amounts of THC. Ellipse Analytics ran a study last year that found 45 per cent of the 250 best-selling CBD products contained detectable levels of THC. Another study from Johns Hopkins University reported that CBD products could also cause users to fail drug tests.

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