Kristen Bell’s CBD Skincare “Happy Dance” Launches in Fall

Celebrities are known to be huge fans of CBD and its miraculous effects, Kristen Bell being no exception. In fact, she’s always been open about her anxiety issues and the way she handles them with the help of CBD. Now, her love for cannabinoids has transformed into something else — her very own CBD skincare and self-care line.

The actress has been a fan of Lord Jones’ CBD products for quite some time now — hence why she partnered up with them to create a first-class, yet affordable, hemp-derived CBD collection of skin and personal care products. The Happy Dance collection will launch in fall 2020, but the actress still hasn’t revealed the product lineup yet. Nevertheless, she promises the products will most certainly deliver.

As the actress believes that self-care shouldn’t be just an event, but a part of your daily routine, she’s been keenly involved in every step of the development process; from branding to designing the product packaging, all the way to the formulation process.

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