The truth about weed and sports performance

Across the Western world, attitudes to cannabis products are changing. Once, weed was prohibited as a controlled substance that would earn you a fine and potentially a criminal record. Today, lighting a joint is starting to be seen as no more shocking than pouring yourself a glass of wine at the end of a hard day. But its role in the world of pro and amateur sport is still far from clear.

Drug testing is a necessary and accepted part of professional sport. Since time immemorial, we’ve heard of athletes testing positive for weed, and those in the know will tell you its use is widespread. Now we are in a society that allows us to buy cannabis products online or in shops as easily as we can purchase alcohol or tobacco products. Clearly, the time has come to understand what, if any, effect it really has on athletic performance.

Physical benefits
People hear the word cannabis and immediately think of stoners in a state of advanced mental relaxation. However, one of the most exciting outputs of recent cannabis research concerns physical benefits. Studies have found compelling indications that CBD helps to reduce inflammation. Yoga teacher Adam Brous has worked with a number of athletes who have used cannabis to help relieve pain and inflammation associated with muscular injury and surgical recovery.

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