Jake Plummer Credits CBD for NFL Quarterback’s Life After Football

Former quarterback Jake Plummer wasn’t prepared for the effects a 10-year NFL career had on the body. In retirement, the toll professional football took on “Jake the Snake” landed him in a dark place.

“You’re just cut off,” Plummer told Bleacher Report about life after football. “No more football. No more schedule. No more camaraderie. No more achievement. You’re just in life. Sometimes that can cause a lot of anger, a lot of depression.”

Anger and depression are synonymous with the horror stories of retired players. Some of the most mild-mannered, hard workers the NFL ever knew fell victim to Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy — You know it as the acronym CTE. Hall-of-Fame football players Mike Webster and Junior Seau are the first who come to mind, tragically taking their own lives and later being diagnosed with CTE.

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