Can CBD Oil Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep?

The claims surrounding CBD oil’s health benefits seemingly never end. Those who take CBD regularly talk about how it helped ease their anxiety and depression, calmed their pain and inflammation, healed their acne flareups, and more.

CBD is also commonly associated with helping individuals sleep. Even those plagued with insomnia have reported feeling drowsier after taking CBD oil and getting more hours of sleep per night.

If you’re struggling with getting enough sleep, you might consider trying CBD from a established brand like Penguin CBD. Here’s some valuable information regarding the benefits of CBD oil for promoting sleep.

The American Sleep Epidemic and CBD

The CDC reports that about a third of Americans don’t get the recommended seven to nine hours per sleep. They might fail to get enough sleep because of choices they make, undue stress, or an underlying medical cause. Unfortunately, this lack of sleep can cause both mental and physical health impairments with lifelong consequences.

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