The Most Common and Unique Ways to Use CBD Tinctures

Have you been hearing about the health benefits of using cannabidiol (CBD)? Are you curious about what it is and how to use it? The best way to start is with CBD tinctures that are pre-measured for ease and convenience.

Most people start their CBD journey with these tinctures because they’re easy to use and available almost anywhere. This guide will show you what to expect when you venture into the CBD world for the first time.

What Is a CBD Tincture?

Sometimes called CBD oil or CBD hemp oil, it’s an extraction of the hemp plant. This extraction is suspended in a tincture of fruit oil, vegetable oil or vegetable glycerin.

What Form Does It Come In?

In most cases, it comes in a glass bottle with a dropper top. You use the dropper to measure a single dose of the tincture.

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