‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Hidden Agenda Exposed – Uses Meri Brown to Launch New Gig?

Sister Wives fans who follow Meri Brown probably caught the act Kody and Meri seemingly staged this week. At first, it looks like a total oblivious Kody Brown interrupts Meri Brown doing a live show for her customers. She sells LuLaRoe clothing and happened to be doing a live sales show online when Kody Brown barged in.

The Sister Wives shared husband didn’t seem to care that his wife was working and had customers watching her. No, he needed some legal documents signed right then and there. The most bizarre thing about this intrusion is that Meri dropped everything to do just what Kody Brown asked.

The original matriarch from the Sister Wives signed the documents without reading them, she just asked Kody what they were. To top it all off, they did this as the camera rolled. Then Kody asked Meri to photocopy the papers and she excused herself from her at-home audience to do so.


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