Parents And Pot: Why Moms Are Talking About Marijuana More Than Dads

More moms are wanting their children to learn about — and potentially use — hemp or CBD for its healing properties.

That’s according to analytics provider Oasis Intelligence. The Los Angeles-based firm recently published a detailed report with survey findings and data points to help illustrate the trend.

“Our study of 20,000 individuals was split into different categories,”  Oasis spokeswoman Laura Albers told Benzinga. “On the first level, it was divided between cannabis and hemp CBD.”

The Findings On Cannabis And Parents 

Over half (54%) of cannabis-using moms recently surveyed by the company agree with providing children — those who are under 17, at least — cannabis for pain relief and other medical treatments so long as they’re being monitored.

Cannabis-using dads are less inclined to opt for pot as a treatment for kids, with the number hovering at 46%.

Oasis reported an even greater proportion of hemp-CBD using moms. Up to 66% of the moms agree with providing children under 17 hemp CBD for pain relief, as well as other medical treatments, so long as they’re monitored by a parent or guardian.

Some 55% of dads and 61% of non-parents voiced support.

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