Curious about CBD? Here’s how to try it at a discount

CBD is growing quickly in popularity on the PGA Tour, with Billy Horschel estimating that upwards of 25 percent of players are currently using it.

What is CBD? We’re happy you asked.

In short, it’s an ingredient found in cannabis which has been extracted and used in a variety of droplets, gummies and other products. As we wrote in a recent explainer, small doses of the tinctures within the products have the potential to improve your wellbeing on and off the course.

With these specific tincture lines in mind, there are various benefits for your golf game. The focus tincture can help quell those first-tee jitters, while recovery can be taken post round to keep those aches and pains at bay. And the sleep tincture promotes restfulness that all golfers need to perform at peak performance levels.

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