Increased Hand Washing Creates A New Market For CBD

At Cornbread Hemp, we have been shipping our Kentucky Proud CBD product nationwide for over a year now. From the start, we have offered two CBD creams: a 200 mg CBD lotion for skin and a 500 mg CBD lotion with menthol for joint and muscle discomfort. From the start, there was a clear distinction in sales.

Customers seemed to immediately understand the value of our 500 mg mentholated lotion. Even though it costs nearly twice the price of our 200 mg CBD lotion for skin, the sales of the mentholated lotion have been double the lower-priced 200 mg lotion, which is scented with sativa terpenes.

But around mid-March, we started to see an uptick in our skin lotion sales, and that’s a trend that’s continuing today. Why? We think it’s because more people are experiencing the condition that our lotion is designed for — dry hands.

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