New study demonstrates efficacy of CBD delivery system

A recently published study1 compared the pharmacokinetic parameters of a broad-spectrum hemp extract formulated with a novel self-emulsifying drug delivery system called VESIsorb, produced by Geocann (Fort Collins, CO), to the same extract diluted with medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). Compared to the extract formulated with MCT, subjects taking the extract formulated with VESIsorb saw 4.4-fold higher CBD plasma values, 2.85-fold higher bioavailability eight hours after consumption, and significantly faster absorption at one hour, compared to three hours for the hemp extract in MCT.“It is well-known that CBD and cannabinoids, in general, show limited bioavailability due to their lipophilicity and extensive first-pass metabolism,” said Marc Weder, chief scientific officer, in a press release. “The results of our study demonstrate VESIsorb technology mitigated this effect and also significantly improved PK performance compared to standard industry practices of combining MCT oil with broad spectrum hemp extract in an effort to improve bioavailability.”

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