Generational Divide Over CBD Products

How one feels about CBD products can often be attributed to one’s age, according to a new, two-year study from marketing agency Colman Brohan & Davis, Inc. (CBD Marketing) that shines a spotlight on generational differences in the use of non-THC CBD and CBD-infused products . The study also focuses on the important role social media plays in influencing how the “CBD experience” is shared online with friends and communities of interest.

The new report, “How Online Word-of-Mouth is Influencing Generational Preferences in the Use of CBD,” analyzes more than 3.5 million US social media posts and other online, user-generated content. The tracking started in January 2018 and concluded in January 2020. Content was divided almost evenly between women and men (55% vs. 45%).

“If you are a business with even a small footprint in the CBD product market, understanding the importance of online and social media channels is critical,” noted Liz Brohan, CEO of the Chicago-based marketing effort. “This is where consumers’ views are openly shared. With non-THC CBD products readily available across the country and sold online, it’s imperative for companies to understand how different generational groups talk about these products, leveraging those insights in product development and marketing. This study can help.”

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