Texas CBD Shop Contests County’s Shutdown Order; Wins

A city in Central Texas has repealed its standpoint that a local shop selling cannabidiol oil and vape did not meet the definition of essential business. Therefore, it was initially ordered to close down following the restrictions designed to prevent the further spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The small municipality enclosed by Waco, the City of Beverly Hills, sent an email last March 31 telling Fatty’s Smoke Shop could reopen, granted that its clerks follow best practices for social distancing.

Forcibly closed

Fatty’s was issued with a citation by the Beverly Hills police after the officers dismissed owner Jesse Singh’s argument saying his store should qualify as an essential business in health care. He maintained that their shop’s customers take CBD oil for treating different medical conditions.

Singh stayed open despite the possibility of paying a $1,000 fine, but the police returned and forcibly closed his shop two days after the first incident.


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