Don’t Believe All the ‘Science’ on CBD Products

Cannabidiol — commonly known as CBD — might not be all it is touted to be, new research suggests.

Instead, existing evidence on the potential benefits of the compound found in marijuana and hemp has often been backed by industry, scientists said.

The researchers found that of 99 human CBD studies done since 2014, about 62% had some conflict of interest — including industry funding, or a study author employed by a company that markets CBD products.

And those studies were more likely to reach positive conclusions, versus research with no industry ties.

The findings are not surprising, experts said. It’s known from drug studies that industry funding is linked to a greater likelihood of positive results.

But at a time when CBD is showing up in everything from oils and lotions to coffee and cookies — and consumers tend to see it as “natural” — the findings may serve as a reminder to remain savvy.

Our Take: As a company in the CBD / Hemp Oil business, you cannot make claims. If the product works for you, awesome. If the product doesn’t, we have the Empty Bottle Guarantee.

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