The Best Topical Products From This Celeb-Favorite CBD Brand

If you asked someone a few years ago if they thought that CBD would become as big as it is now, chances are, you would’ve gotten a blank stare in return! So many new CBD-focused brands have emerged onto the scene recently, and it’s safe to say that the market is absolutely booming.

Implementing CBD in beauty products has been especially popular. Naturally, celebrities have embraced the trend and popularized certain items that have this powerful ingredient infused in their formulas. One of the most popular products to have emerged is the Lord Jones Body LotionOpens in a new purchase at Demistore, and you won’t believe how celeb stylists use this on their clients before they step out on a red carpet!

Our Take: Try Pure Midwest… with all the mass manufacturers out there.. try a brand that is completely transparent, tests over 10x and owns the entire supply chain.

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