‘Like Avon but for CBD’: the endometriosis sufferers propping up CBD MLMs

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And now.. the article…

The UK CBD industry is booming. Products are being sold everywhere from B&M bargains for £1 to boutiques where CBD skincare can set you back up to £60 a tube. The most visible part of CBD’s upward trend may be wellness, but it’s also being used to help manage the symptoms of chronic illnesses. 

A recent report from the Centre for Medical Cannabis found 41 per cent of those using CBD in the past year did so for medicinal purposes. And beyond using CBD to help with symptoms, those with chronic conditions are beginning to sell it too.

As someone with endometriosis, I’ve noticed an uptick in CBD products packaged as ‘treatments’ for pelvic pain and in endometriosis sufferers taking and selling CBD. The five women I spoke to who have endometriosis and sell CBD first tried it as an alternative to painkillers like naproxen, tramadol, codeine, and even morphine they previously required but are now unable to. 


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