How The Coronavirus Is Affecting CBD Sales

Women are coping with the coronavirus quarantine in various ways. Some of us will binge watch Gossip Girl for the 30th time, some will transform their bedroom into a workspace, and some will start actually cooking the food in their refrigerators and learn some new culinary skills. However, some may take up another activity – wink, wink. That’s right, I’m talking CBD. Not to be confused with THC or weed, but I’m talking about CBD oils, hair care products and bath bombs. In times like this, we look for ways to alleviate stress and elevate our minds and CBD helps to reduce anxiety and is a natural way to relieve stress of the daily tasks of everyday living. 

“Fear is traveling significantly faster than the virus itself but CBD/cannabis has the unique opportunity to really impact lives by reducing stress & anxiety and boosting the balance of the endocannabinoid system. From taking CBD Gummies or CBD Tinctures to incorporating self-care activities like CBD bath soak can make a big impact,” states Dorian Morris, founder and CEO of Undefined Beauty + Undefined Collective. “Ultimately, stress impacts your immune system so once we reduce fear-induced behavior, it will help your body resist and recover more effectively. Little steps daily can help”.

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