How A Georgia Woman Is Helping People Change Their Lives With CBD

Jacquece Jennings is on a mission to help people understand and heal their bodies through more holistic measures, particularly CBD, a currently booming market that could reach $20 billion by 2024.

Jennings, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, is currently one of the few Black Female CBD store owners in the nation and is actually the first Black woman in Georgia to own a non-affiliated CBD company.

Her journey to owning a CBD company started back while she was stationed in Seattle, Washington, while serving in the Army.

“Being from the South, you’re not really used to being around the marijuana industry and it being legal,” Jennings told ESSENCE. “So, I used to go to different dispensaries, and I started shopping and actually researching those different stores because I had an interest in having my own dispensary one day.”

But then, a health scare back in 2015 changed the course of her life. During an eye exam, she was told there was pressure in her eyes that was a cause for concern, prompting her to go get an MRI. It turned out to be a pituitary gland tumor. That scare jumpstarted her research into holistic health and medicinal herbs.

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